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Introduction to Gorge Adventure

Gorge Adventure is simply fantastic fun and one of our most popular activities! Incorporating some wonderful local gorges, you will find your trip down the rivers a physically demanding activity but completely worthwhile.

Gorges are a fascinating by-product of river erosion, they show us the path that a river has carved out for itself over many thousands of years and are filled with incredible geological features for us to explore and understand.

Our Gorge walking activity puts you right on the front line of this battle between river and mountain, as we trek down, across and through the river’s path, learning and having great fun as we go!


Dolygear is in a great location to offer Gorge Adventure as the fantastic Blaen y Glyn is only ten minutes away from the centre, and the Sychryd Gorge is about 40 minutes drive away, but well worth the journey to experience such a unique location!

Both rivers offer fascinating and fun-filled scenery allowing you to see just how the battle between the water and the landscape has unfolded over thousands of years while having a great time.

With so many rivers in the local area we are incredibly fortunate when it comes to experiencing gorge walking.

Blaen y Glyn is a beautiful forest covered area with tributaries hidden away between the trees. The infant River Caerfanell, the Nant Bwrefwr and other streams tumble down from the hills over tremendous clusters of picturesque waterfalls.

This makes for a great adventure for adults and children of all ages in some truly stunning surroundings. This is the closest gorge to the centre, and it is fantastic for everyone as there is plenty to be done and lots to see along the way.

We generally start the session by walking through a disused railway tunnel in the dark and then move into a wetter session of standing up under waterfalls, to sliding down the limestones in the water flow. 

Sychryd Gorge used to be a site of industry so alongside the natural features you can also see examples of man-made changes to the landscape. At the top of the Sychryd there are two old silica mines. The silica used to be transported down the gorge in drams, using a counter-balance railway system above the gorge. In fact, you can still see the remaining winding stations platforms, metalwork and old dram present in the gorge today.

This gorge is a geological site showcasing fine examples of Limestone folds and is a recognised Site of Special Scientific Interest with lots of wildlife, mosses and lichen throughout. Parkwood Outdoors: Dolygaer is a member of South Wales Outdoor Provider Group and are signed up to the Gorge condat, which helps to minimise our impact in the gorge. 

In terms of distance, this gorge is a short drive away but very popular and suitable for everyone. There are different challenges to attempt throughout, including scrambling / climbing, swimming and even jumping off waterfalls! 

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Our Instructors

All of our staff having been trained and signed off to use the local gorges. Our instructors have White Water Safety and Rescue training, and a coaching award.

Mike Smith - Mike is the Technical Advisor for Gorge Adventure and knows the local gorges like the back of his hand! He is full of expertise and will be happy to answer any questions you have while guiding you across, through and under the rivers. 


Lisa Boore - Lisa has been teaching in this gorge for eleven years and also has personal experience of other gorges in the UK. She has also participated in peer leadership in canyons throughout France and Australia.

Our Equipment

We provide all of our gorge adventurers with the following equipment:

  • Helmet, which is suitable for Gorge Adventure
  • Wetsuit, we have a variety of sizes available, ranging from 8 years old to XXL
  • Cag, a waterproof and windproof top which will keep the wind off your body and help to keep you warmer
  • Buoyancy aid, a floatation device which helps you to float in the water with no effort. The buoyancy aid assists with swimming. 


Q:What do I need to wear?

A; A swim costume or underwear under the wetsuit, a pair of trainers with a good sole on and a pair of shorts to wear over the top of the wetsuit. All other kit is provided.

Q: What do we need to bring?

A: Change of clothes, towel, packed lunch and a drink.

Q: Can I participate in Gorge Adventure if I cannot swim?

A: Yes, let your instructor know and they will give you some advice of what to do. There may be times when the water is high when certain challenges may not be suitable if the participant cannot swim, however. 

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