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Introduction to Zip Wiring

This exciting experience is great value for money… Ride down the Zip for just £10 and get 20% off future goes.  There are also discounts for NHS staff and emergency workers.

Our Zip Wire is over a 100m long and starts 20m up a tree. Just climbing the tree is an exhilarating achievement, but then you have to step off! After taking that leap of faith, you will feel the wind rush your face as you fly over the Nant Callan valley to the other side.  A gentle landing on the opposite valley slope will bring you back to the world of gravity.

Essentially the practice of Zipping is travelling from one place down a super strong wire to another place. It is fantastic fun as well as a great workout! Clinging to the top of our trees can be a nerve-wracking experience for some but the thrills and spectacular views make it all worthwhile.  Don't forget that reaching the top is only the start... you then have to take that leap of faith!

Today modern equipment has made sliding down zip wires more accessible than ever, ensuring that everyone can come and have a go and experience just how much fun it is.  Safety is our number one priority and every bit of equipment gets triple checked.

What to Expect

When planning your Zip Wire experience, make room for at least a half day, but don't forget we also have so much more you can do here!  We have a range of other activities as well as a lovely cafe, but you also want to plan on visiting the beautiful scenic area of the Brecon Beacons National Park that surrounds our site.

On arrival we will ask you to report to our reception and check you have filled out the medical and acceptance of risk form (these will have been sent to you prior to arrival). Our office staff will then introduce you to your instructors who will start the session with kitting you up with all your safety equipment. At this point, your instructor will make sure to give you a rundown of the activity and answer any questions you have. Once everyone is happy, your instructors will lead you to the Zip Wire landing site. You will likely be given a chance to see the Zip Wire in action.

Once this is complete it is time to go to the start.  A short walk across the valley will bring you to the starting point.  This is where you get to see first hand the tree you will be climbing up... Its BIG!  Your instructor will once again tell you what to do and offer encouragement - You can do this!  It’s then time to take it in turns to climb the tree and shoot the zip.  Your instructor will be right there with you, making sure you are safe climbing the tree as well as clipping you on safely for your Zip experience. Once you reach the platform at the top of the tree, all you have to do is step off... You will not regret it!

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Our Instructors

Safety is all of our jobs! All our instructors are fully trained and assessed by professionals for the activities they teach.  We have Technical Advisors specifically for our at height activities that are qualified under the Mountain Training LeaderBoard. 

Our Equipment

We provide all of our zippers with the following equipment:

  • Climbing helmet
  • Harness
  • Pulleys and technical metal work

At the start of each session we make sure that any equipment you are assigned is correctly fitted and that you are shown how to use it.


Q: What should we wear?

A: You want clothing you can move about in easily. Do not wear your best kit! We are outdoors!  The tree can have sap on it which is hard to get off clothing and sometimes your landing is not always graceful; 25% of our customers find landing on their bums easier than their feet!

Closed toed footwear is a must and we would recommend trousers rather than short clothing.

Q: Do you have any offers?

A:  Why not try a combination;

Wet and Dry - Hire a Canoe or Paddle board in the morning followed by the Zip Wire in the afternoon - Just £30 pp

Dry - Try your hand at Archery as well as the Zip Wire - Just £30 pp

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