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Introduction to Raft Building

Have you ever worried that you might end up washed up on a desert island somewhere and in need of an escape plan? Then we have just the activity for you!

Design and make your own raft from big barrels, wooden spars and rope. Once the raft is built, test your design on the water and see if you can navigate the course without losing any pieces of equipment. What could go wrong!

Raft building is a fantastic group activity that builds team cohesion and coordination, forcing you to work together to overcome problems. Find out more about our raft building activity sessions below or for more information, get in touch.


The first step in building a water-worthy raft is to come up with the right design so this is the time to put your heads together and come up with some good ideas as a team. Carefully think about the requirements for your raft, taking into consideration the size of your group. What is the best design for the raft to move fast on the water, stay afloat and complete the course first?

The instructors will be on hand to discuss your design and offer some ideas and advice if needed.

This is the tough part of your raft building operation! Using rope, big barrels and wooden spars you need to build your design from scratch. Once you have everything in the right place you need to tie the raft together, ensuring it is strong enough to hold the whole team and be paddled through the set course.

Make sure to take your time here as any mistakes will cost you on the water!

Now is the time to see how your construction went!

Test the raft on the water to see if it is water worthy, if it is (and that’s not always the case!) then you are almost ready to attempt the course.

If you finish your build and test with enough time to spare then now is the moment to make some final adjustments such as to your rope tension. 

This is what it’s all been leading to, it’s time to see what your raft is really made of!

Complete  a course on the water in the fastest time while carrying all of your crew and kit! The instructor will set out the designated course for your team to complete and outline the rules and penalties that you must follow. The course should be completed with everyone on board and with all the kit intact. Good luck!

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Our Instructors

Mike Smith is our lead instructor for raft building.

All of our instructors have British Canoe Union coach awards or Royal Yachting Association qualifications and in house training, giving them the knowledge and experience required to safely run this activity.

Our Equipment

We provide all of our participants with the following equipment:

  • Wetsuit
  • Helmet
  • Buoyancy aid



Q:What do I need to wear?

A; A swim costume or underwear under the wetsuit, a pair of trainers with a good sole on and a pair of shorts to wear over the top of the wetsuit, if wetsuit is needed, or shorts and t-shirts are suitable for warm days. All other kit it provided.

Q: What do we need to bring?

A: Change of clothes, towel, packed lunch and a drink.

Q: Can I participate in Raft Building if I cannot swim?

A: Yes, let your instructor know and they will give you some advice of what to do. There may be times when the water is high when certain challenges may not be suitable if the participant can not swim, however. 

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