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The power of Brilliant Residentials

For many children, school is a chore. The pressure of attaining good grades and glowing reports is too much for young minds to cope with. Not forgetting of course all of the other factors which can make learning a challenge; disabilities, behavioural disorders and disadvantaged backgrounds. In short, encouraging children to stay at school and enjoy learning is proving more and more difficult. 

We therefore have to ask ourselves, how are we able to encourage learning and, most importantly, make it fun?

Brilliant Residentials are the keys to improving our children’s educational experiences

There’s nothing like the excitement of lighting your first fire. It takes patience and a good teacher but the warm glow and the gooey marshmallows at the end of the night are such a satisfying reward. You’ll certainly never forget your first camp under a starry sky, figuring out the constellations with your friends whilst your mind runs wild from the rustling in the nearby bushes. There aren’t any better feelings than freedom, adventure and belly ache from all of that laughter!   

If you’re wondering how the likes of the above can help to improve your child’s attitudes to education then the Brilliant Residential campaign is just for you.

School residentials have been somewhat neglected over the years. Various factors including affordability, staffing and planning have seen a decline in the amount of quality overnight residentials primary and secondary schools undertake.

The power of residentials have been neglected

That is about to change.

Learning Away have conducted some insightful and powerful research which will help educators when planning future school residentials.

Evidence tells us that 71% of secondary children feel strongly motivated to learn whilst at school and 72% of primary school children experience better behaviour at school by experiencing a brilliant residential!

And these are just some of the positive statistics that they have found from their 3 years worth of research.

Young people who experience school residentials have been shown to improve their:

  • Skills
  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Achievement
  • Relationships
  • Leaderships

At Parkwood Outdoors we are Proud to Support the Brilliant Residentials Campaign

Fun is our middle name. We have access to magnificent facilities and affordable outdoor based activities in some spectacular locations.

Did you know that 84% of secondary school children said they got on better with their teachers after going on a brilliant school residential trip?

Facilitating positive relationships is something of a speciality of ours, especially with the many group bonding activities we offer.

Here’s our thinking…..

For years, Child Psychologists have shown educators the benefits of applied learning, especially for children who don’t respond well to traditional teaching methods and who experience behavioural difficulties.

We know our residentials not only help to reinforce school education but teach children important life skills.

We’re here to help teachers and educators plan a brilliant adventure of a lifetime - ask us how now.For more information on The Brilliant Residentials campaign visit :


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