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Caving at Dolygaer

Dolygaer is located in South Wales within the Brecon Beacons national park, situated between the Ystradfelle and Llangattock escarpment. Due to it’s location, Dolygaer provides access to a huge network of caves and in turn some of the best caving in South Wales. The vast network of nearby limestone caves is filled with fantastically well preserved fossils, as ancient tropical seas formed these caves, making this a must visit location for anyone interested in geology or natural history.  


Porth yr Ogof (Gateway to the Cave)

Porth yr Ogof (or Gateway to the Cave in English) provides a striking image from the outset as it boasts the biggest entrance of any cave in Wales at 17 metres wide and nearly 5 metres tall. The main cave is accessed via a walkway on the east side of the entrance. When in the main chamber you can access the right hand series, which gives way to various sumps and pools. From here you can also enter the maze, which can also be reached from two entrances named D1 and D2. Once you have made your way through the maze you can move on to The Creek and Hywel’s Grotto.


Ogof Clogwyn (Cave of the Cliff)

From Clydach Gorge you will find the easily accessible Ogof Clogwyn (Cave of the Cliff), which is a short but impressive area showcasing fantastic examples of phreatic shelving in the main passage. The Waterfall entrance makes for an unforgettable experience.


Bridge Cave (aka Ogof Nedd Fechan)

Like Ogof Clogwyn, Bridge Cave is another short cave, just 311m long. It is accessed by a short low crawl through a passage, which opens up to the main streamway. From here you can make your way to the sump at the end of the cave. This cave is perfect for first timers.


White Lady

The shortest cave we will look at is the White Lady, which has a length of just 100 metres. The impressive entrance and passage come to an abrupt halt when you reach the sump at the end, making it the perfect day trip for beginners. During long, dry periods the sump level can drop, granting access to passages beyond this point.


Egwly Faen (Stone Church)

Egwly Faen or Stone Church is so called because of the impressive stature of its main chamber. This area is accessible via short crawl and various entrances including the famous waterfall entrance. The straightforward navigation and sense of exploring makes this cave a great starting point for beginner cavers.


Ogof y Ci (Cave of the Dog)

Ogof y Ci is a linear stream passage made up of a main passage with various dry passageways, which lead off it. These dry passages are either oxbows or close down after a short distance. There are three entrances to the cave; the first being a low, wet crawl of about 60m, the second is located above this and is a dryer way to enter, while the third entrance is located in the gorge upstream and this brings you into the middle of the main passage. This is great for intermediate crawlers who have experienced caving before.


Will’s Hole

Will’s Hole is a relatively short cave located in the Sychryd Gorge area. From the entrance you come into a short, low crawl to reach a 2.5 metre climb down into another passage. You then double back on yourself and continue to descend by abseiling down to the bottom of the cave. As you make your way to the end of the cave you pass through a shower area which has cleared all of the surrounding rock and into a grotto. These features make this cave on of the most geologically impressive in the area. To exit the cave you will need to learn how to climb a free hanging ladder, this is a great cave for those who are experienced cavers.


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