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Want to take your kids on an Adventurous Holiday? Remember these three things!

Planning a holiday with kids is stressful. Planning an adventurous holiday is stressful. Combine the two and there are so many new dimensions to worry about that many people think they just can’t do it.  If you plan it right, though, seeing kids enjoy the outdoors is worth any extra work you had to do. There are lots of options and ideas for what kind of adventurous holiday is right for your family, but as you start planning there are three key things to remember.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Take your time

The number one thing to remember to make your holiday enjoyable is simply to take your time. This cannot be stressed enough. When you are on holiday you usually want to cram as many sites and activities into a day as you possibly can. This works when you’re with a group of adults who can ignore their hunger for an extra hour or push through a bit of fatigue. But when you’ve got a kid it is impossible for them to push through. Not only will it make the trip less enjoyable for you to try and drag along a cranky kid, but you will find that the kid might not remember all the fun things you did. Who wants to come to the end of their holiday and remember how tired they were?

The key is to plan for downtime and dawdling. If you’re going on a hike with a little one, don’t rush it! The goal of getting somewhere is only half the fun (if that!). The journey there should be enjoyed, too. This might mean taking lots of breaks or it might mean walking at a very slow pace - whatever works for you and your family. Let the kids explore the path, check out the plants and streams. If you’re going for a day of rock climbing, don’t push to do too much, too fast. Don’t expect to climb a lot of different routes. Expect to have a fun time encouraging each other to do their best and to have fun.

Whatever you plan to do, remember the goal is to have fun, NOT tick boxes.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

When you travel with kids, there is always the fear and worry about sickness or injury. These things can happen anywhere, including at home, but being away from home with a sick or injured child is every parent’s nightmare. This goes double for an adventure holiday, where you are choosing to take risks for fun. While there’s nothing you can do to prevent this, you can prepare.

First, never travel without Calpol (or your brand of children’s pain reliever). A dose at bedtime can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless night for the whole family. It’s also pretty obvious, but make sure you’ve got a well stocked first aid kit with you.

Second, look ahead of time for where you would need to go in case of emergency. Where is the nearest hospital? The nearest pharmacy? Having this information on hand can give you that little peace of mind that you won’t be stressing trying to find signal to google “pharmacies near me".

Finally, and most importantly, make sure you are following best, safe practice in whatever you are doing. If you want to do something outside your comfort zone and skill set, make sure you have the best instructors out there helping you and your family. Knowing someone is with you who knows what they are doing will make for a more enjoyable time for everyone. There are lots of national and international bodies that assess instructors in their given fields so do your homework and make sure you are confident in your instructors.

Giving yourself peace of mind basically boils down to being prepared. Take the time while you’re planning your holiday so that you can enjoy your time with the kids knowing you’ve planned ahead.

Ask For Help

So many parents these days are so used to using the internet to research every aspect of their life, they forget that there are real people out there ready to help! Of course there are amazing resources online, but nothing replaces the feeling of talking to a human being!

When you are planning your holiday, feel free to contact any company you are thinking of booking with to ask questions. We want to help! Our website can only give you so much information about our rooms, but our team can tell you what we can do for your family to make your holiday special. Terms can vary from place to place, too, so it’s always worth a clarification. What does this place mean by “family room”? Can I book two rooms next to each other? Where’s the best place to eat near by? We can give you a great description of an activity online, but our staff can help you plan timings that will work best for your family.  Any questions you have, let us know. A quick phone call or an email and you’ve got someone who wants you to have a good time ready to help.

Kids are meant to be outdoors. Don’t let your idea of how hard it could be stand in your way. Make your next family holiday one full of adventure.

Have you got any experience with taking kids out on an adventure? Share with us on our Facebook page your tips and tricks. 


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