Our fleet of Peddlerz are the perfect choice for your youngsters to get them out and having fun on the water, all while remaining in the safety of our cordoned off 'kidz zone'.

With an instructor always in the water besides them and never straying into water more than two feet in depth you can rest assured that they are completely safe - even as they nimbly turn and zip about in our surprisingly manouverable Peddlerz.

With prices starting from just £3.50 for 15 minutes you can be sure your kids will get maximum enjoyment from this activity without it costing you an arm and a leg.

If you have any questions regarding the Peddlerz, please get in touch or come and speak to one of our friendly staff down at the boathouse. 

Have questions about our Peddlerz?

Contact us today on: 029 2075 5964

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Roath Park opened in 1894 and is Cardiff’s most popular public park. We offer boat hire and other activities to help you enjoy your visit to the lake.


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